Weʼre raising £21,000 to install a memorial to commemorate the slaves who lived, died and were buried in Liverpool, interred without a marker or without their names

I am fundraising to ensure that a memorial to the slaves who lived, died and were buried in Liverpool is realised. Many of these individuals were not only interred without a marker, but even without their names. For example, on 23 Sept 1778 “A Black boy belong’d to Captn Penny” was buried at what is now St John’s Gardens. Although we do not know many of their names these individuals deserve to be respectfully commemorated.

Update: We have now sourced the granite in Abeokuta. Tayo Aluko’s colleague has kindly forwarded video of the piece we are interested in acquiring. We will need to get permissions from the City Council to place it and I have made initial approaches through the mayor. Hopefully they will be accommodating. The size of the piece on the videos is approximately 3m x 3m x 4.7m so it is rather large, but would make a fitting memorial. Discussions still need to be had about price but that will have to wait until we get the blessing of the council and we may have to go for a smaller piece if there are any objections and if our budget does not extend that far taking into account shipping and other costs.
Also, at this size it would be far too large for St Nicholas and would have to go in St John’s. We could possibly place a smaller piece of granite at St Nicks to link up the two sites.
Thanks for your continued support and to Tayo Aluko for his sterling assistance in getting this sorted. Things are moving.